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This video-based, online course will guide you, step-by step, through how to:

  • Quickly release feelings of deep sadness and despair.


  • Get to a place of peace and acceptance about the loss you've experienced.


  • Use tapping to heal through grief milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.


  • Heal feelings of loss about what might have been had your loved one not passed away.


  • Release any feelings of guilt you may have about the person you lost.


  • Heal any unresolved anger you may have toward the person who passed away.


  • Heal pain you may have over unresolved issues with the person who passed away.

Whether you're brand new to tapping, or are already well versed in it, this course will guide you, step by step, through how to use this gentle yet powerful form of energy psychology to recover from losing a loved one. 

"The material was excellent, very professional, very well thought through, easy to implement and efficient. One issue I was able to heal instantly was grief about my sister who had passed away 4 years ago. I wasn't even aware how deeply I was still grieving my loss. I can honestly say I am now able to look at my sister's picture with a smile on my face and remembering the good times we had without the pain that I used to feel about losing my best friend." ~ Daniela

"I have been a tapper for about 10 years. Heather Ambler is the best teacher of tapping I have had the blessing of being a student of." ~ Cynthia

"I cannot believe how much better I feel about myself, my dearest ones and my future. I didn't really think a lot would change after doing this, but I was very, very wrong. Thank you so much again.” ~ Louise

"I am very grateful to Heather, she is a generous soul and a true healer at heart. She is very prompt, professional, patient, eager to help, and her down to earth EFT approach is very easy to understand and follow."Claudia

"I was carrying a lot of grief after losing 4 significant people in 5 months of each other. Now it has shifted, not healed completely, but maybe 70% lighter than I was. Before doing the program, I was completely overwhelmed.  ~ Marika

"I first contacted Heather to heal from my deep grief over the death of my mother. I was amazed at the result! I was able to work through my complicated grief and process many deep emotions that I was unable to tap into alone. She changed my life!" ~ Tracy

Healing the Grieving Heart: How to Use Tapping to Recover from Loss is currently waitlisted. To be notified when the next enrollment period opens, click the button below.

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