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The 6-Week Tapping Transformation

Just Six Weeks to a Better Life

The 6-Week Tapping Transformation will guide you, step-by-step, through how to use the magic of tapping to release painful emotions, including grief, trauma, fear, anger, stress, overwhelm, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, and limiting beliefs, so you can live your best life. Presto!

For more information, click here.

"I cannot believe how much better I feel about myself, my dearest ones and my future. I didn't really think a lot would change after doing this, but I was very, 

very wrong. Thank you so much again.” ~ Louise

"I have been a tapper for about 10 years. Heather Ambler is the best teacher

of tapping I have had the blessing of being a student of." ~ Cynthia

"It really has shifted something in me and unblocked so much. Instead of my head

being filled with negative thoughts about myself or others, I feel free, for the first time, to just be. To allow myself to enjoy just about everything. I will definitely

carry on tapping and telling everyone about it. At last I am excited to see what my future brings!" ~ Christine

"I am very grateful to Heather, she is a generous soul and a true healer at heart. She

is very prompt, professional, patient, eager to help, and her down to earth EFT approach is very easy to understand and follow." ~ Claudia

"I was carrying a lot of grief after losing 4 significant people in 5 months of each other. Now it has shifted, not healed completely, but maybe 70% lighter than I was. Before doing the program, I was completely overwhelmed. The other area happened halfway through the program, and that was to stop smoking after a 30-year habit." ~ Marika

For more information, click here.

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