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“It almost feels unbelievable, but my mom’s passing isn’t painful anymore.”  Jill

“When I think about the things we worked on, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I feel good!” — Marlene


“I’ve seen so many therapists, and in just these two sessions, I feel like you’ve helped me so much more than any of them.”  Rachel

“After my boating accident, I was terrified of water for over 20 years. I did one session with Heather, and my fear disappeared. Now I love the water again!”

— Kim 

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“I was just telling a family member that I have so much clarity since my first session with you, and it doesn’t hurt anymore.” — Liz

“The openness that I instantly had with you is overwhelming. It just blew my mind. I’ve worked with therapists before, but I’ve never tapped into that area of my pain before.” — Colleen


“Our session that we had last week opened up so much space and compassion for my mom, and I credit our work for that.” — Sandy

“I’ve made more progress doing a few months of EFT with you than I have with years and years of psychotherapy.” — Liz

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“I’m no longer feeling lonely and sad without my husband. For the first time since his passing, I actually feel good about the future.” — Michelle

I was taking anti-anxiety medication, and tapping with you is helping so much that I stopped taking it.” — Heidi


I feel different about life. A lot of little things that used to bug me, I just don’t care about now. I’m a changed person from working with you.” — Brian

“To be able to talk about that experience and not feel like I used to feel is incredible.”— Maria

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“It’s like that sadness about losing my dad is gone.” — Kim

“I can’t begin to explain how much better every aspect of my life is now. Also, bizarre changes that I didn’t expect, like I’m now much better at housework!? Now I just do it and don’t even notice I’m doing it. The house has now had a clear out, just like my head!” — Christine


“I’ve carried this pain around for so long. It’s hard to believe that it doesn’t hurt anymore.” — Kelly

Since our first session, I’ve been on two hikes, and I felt no fear of mountain lions. It’s amazing to be able to enjoy hiking like that again!”  — Mia

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“You’ve taught me more about being kind to myself than anyone else ever has. That means as much to me as the tapping. It helps so much.”  — Katharina

“Over a year after working with you, my anxiety is still gone. Life is way less heavy without it!”  — Jane


“I’ve been tapping for almost 5 1/2 years, and none of this that we uncovered today has ever occurred to me. Your intuition, the way you guide a session, gives so much clarity and healing.”  — Heidi

“It’s amazing that I can now talk about my brother’s death without feeling that pang.”  — Emily

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“After two sessions of working on my broken heart, my friends say I’m like a different person. No more crying!”  — Megan

“Since working with you to heal these traumas, I feel like I’ve been let out of prison.”  — Diane


“I first contacted Heather to heal from my deep grief over the death of my mother. I was amazed at the result. 

She changed my life!”  — Tracy

“I just wanted to say that today’s EFT session was more impactful than any counseling I’ve ever had.” — Connie

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“Heather is a natural healer. We worked together around my mom's death, and she helped me to find and release painful feelings I had about the loss. She is a very caring, empathetic person. ”

— Dennis

“You have saved my life.” — Nancy


Thank you so much for an incredibly healing EFT session last week. I am grateful that you create such a safe and non-judgmental space for your clients so that we can truly open up and heal from life's challenges. You are my trauma guru go-to for myself and my clients, and I am looking forward to our next session! Jen

My work with Heather has been nothing short of miraculous. I'm experiencing more peace

than ever before. Elizabeth

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The help you gave me in dealing with issues that I didn't even realize were holding me back was life changing.” — Karen

“I had a counselor for over a year, but she was never able to pinpoint what was wrong. You’ve been able

to pinpoint it in one session.” — Jo


Most people think I’m a happier person. My wife and kids have reported this to me since I started working with you. It’s easier to have a positive outlook now.” — David

“After working with Heather, I stopped blaming myself for the sexual abuse I had endured as a teenager. Not only have the shame and hurting gone away, but my marriage is also stronger now.” 


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“My daughter is a changed girl! She has been so happy and calm and very quick to settle down if she gets upset. She has also been smiling a lot! Thank you is all we can say even though it doesn't seem like enough!!!”  — Tami

“I feel like a great weight has been lifted

and I can now move forward!”  — Karin


“One issue I was able to heal instantly was grief about my sister who had passed away 4 years ago. I wasn't even aware how deeply I was still grieving my loss. I can honestly say I am now able to look at my sister's picture with a smile on my face and remembering the good times we had without the pain that I used to feel about losing my best friend.”  —  Daniela

“Because of my work with you, I met and surpassed my goal of making $400,000 a year.” — Carol  

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I have learned so much from you and have experienced great healing already. Your patience and non-judgmental demeanor are greatly appreciated. You are extremely thorough and efficient and I couldn't imagine getting this far in my journey of healing without you.” — Ashley

“It’s amazing. I can’t even believe it—since our first session, that childhood trauma is no longer painful.” — June  


Heather helped me to accept parts of myself that I had been trying unsuccessfully to heal for over a decade, and stop the war with myself.” — Seth

I cannot believe how much better I feel about myself, my dearest ones and my future. I didn't really think a lot would change after doing this, but I was very, very wrong.” —  Louise

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I know I wept during my session with you, but I don't remember crying about our dog’s death after that. I felt sadness, sure, but not hopeless and devastated. Thank you!” Gina

Dear Heather,

When we called we were in a bad place. Our dog had just died... and our son was less than a month from being born... and emotions were deep and high. It was amazing how in such short time we were able to unwind. The process was emotional and cathartic, and by the end we felt much more inner peace. Thank you very much for helping us during this critical transition time of life. Our baby thanks you too! 




“I had been praying for healing when I found Heather. Now my life is changing so fast, so purposefully, so wonderfully. I will be forever grateful that she is doing what she is called to do.— Beth

“I had 6 sessions with Heather and I saw

tremendous shifts!” — Rashanda

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To learn more about how I can help you rapidly heal whatever is holding you back or causing you to suffer, schedule a free consultation today. 

I can't thank you enough for my session with you last night. It really helped me. You helped me see things in a whole new way. You also have a very kind, loving, and gentle approach which I really appreciate. — Patricia


“Working with Heather will uncover blocks you didn’t know you had and help you move past them.” — Sarah   

“I'm so grateful to Heather for helping me shed a whole lot of heaviness. When I first saw her, I had a huge pile of logs heaped on top of my recently broken heart, and she deftly and gently removed the one log that allowed the entire pile to fall away. During her sessions, I feel safe and seen and then I walk away with fresh eyes!” — Anne  

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“You helped me so much with my recent job transition. My writer’s block is now gone. YOU made me able to do this and I am forever grateful.” — Karen  

“The depth of the work I do with Heather is so surprising, and the energy she gives the process makes it the most amazing experience I've ever had. I would wish this for everyone. It is so life changing, and gives such freedom. Working with Heather is the greatest gift you could give yourself.” — Kala   


“My daughter got an A on her chemistry test!!! 

We were all stunned and very happy! She's had a smile on her face ever since. Thank you very much for your help in making that happen!”

 — Tamara

“Today's session had a profound effect on me, which is still deepening as I write. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” —  Mary

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“I'm blown away to find that the asthma is just gone since my session with you. I've never had it reach that point without having to use an inhaler. I credit not only EFT for this clearing but also your uncanny talent at zeroing in on the right issues to face and the right way to phrase them.” —  Jaya

I quit seeing my psychotherapist because the progress I’ve made with you in just 5 sessions is so huge. I worked with her for years, and I never really felt better about these issues that no longer bother me at all since working with you.” — Sally


“I’ve been feeling better emotionally since our first session. I had to tell someone that my dad had passed away, and there was no emotional charge. That was a first!” — Irene

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To learn more about how I can help you rapidly heal whatever is holding you back or causing you to suffer, schedule a free consultation today. 


Just wanted to let you know that I felt another opening after our session yesterday--more love and heart space/vastness/peace-you know what I'm talking about--and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for who you are. I know you feel the techniques you use are the reason, but I still see it as being you, your presence.

Much Love, Peace, etc, etc,



“Since working with you on my COVID stress and trauma, I feel so different than I did for the past year. Thank you so much.”  Stacy

“You keep handing me these observations that unlock more than years of therapy ever did. You have blown my mind.” — Joan

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“I feel so much better now. I’m not upset about aging anymore. You are an angel.”— Linda

“With each round of tapping with you, my body relaxes. It’s like all the cells of my body are loosening.” — Steve


“I feel like your EFT newsletters are feeding my soul. I’ve never run across anyone who gets tapping like you do. It’s like drinking from a deep well.”

— Candace

“You’re so nurturing and loving and you really listen. I feel really held in my sessions with you.”  — Sandra

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“I feel that there’s already been a huge lifting of blocks from my first session with you.” — Sophia

“You always know how to take me deeper to the next level, and the results are amazing. I am so grateful to be working with you.” — Peggy  

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