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Tapping Script Releasing Stress & Fear About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tapping Script for Making Housework Easier

Tapping Script for Emotional Eating

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"The help you gave me in dealing with issues that I didn't even realize were holding me back was life changing." — Karen

“I had 6 sessions with Heather and I saw tremendous shifts!” — Rashanda

“I cannot believe how much better I feel about myself, my dearest ones and my future. I didn't really think a lot would change after doing this, but I was very, very wrong.” —  Louise

“Because of my work with you, I met and surpassed my goal of making $400,000 a year.” — Carol 

“I feel that there’s already been a huge lifting of blocks from my first session with you.” — Sophia

“I had a counselor for over a year, but she was never able to pinpoint what was wrong. You’ve been able to pinpoint it in one session.” — Jo

"I found the tapping amazing, the results unbelievable. I will highly recommend you to family and friends." — Mary

"I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I can now move forward!"

 — Karin

"You always know how to take me deeper to the next level, and the results are amazing. I am so grateful to be working with you."

— Peggy

 "After working with Heather, I stopped blaming myself for the sexual abuse I had endured as a teenager. Not only have the shame and hurting gone away, but my marriage is also stronger now." — Jennifer

"I have learned so much from you and have experienced great healing already. You are extremely thorough and efficient and I couldn't imagine getting this far in my journey of healing without you." — Ashley

"Working with Heather is the greatest gift you could give yourself." Kala

 "I had been praying for healing when Heather entered my life. Now my life is changing so fast, so purposefully, so wonderfully." — Beth

"I first contacted Heather to heal from my deep grief over the death of my mother. I was amazed at the result! I was able to work through my complicated grief and process many deep emotions that I was unable to tap into alone. She changed my life!" — Tracy

"Thank you so much for an incredibly healing EFT session last week. You are my trauma guru go-to for myself and my clients, and I am looking forward to our next session!" — Jen

"My daughter got an A on her chemistry test! We were all stunned and very happy! She told us the minute her test started she 'dropped into a zone' and forgot other people were in the room; she never looked up until the teacher announced the test was over. She's had a smile on her face ever since. Thank you very much for your help in making that happen!" — Tami

"You helped me so much with my recent job transition. My writer’s block is now gone, I have published 5 or 6 blogs – and had some good feedback! YOU made me able to do this and I am forever grateful." — Karen

"My work with Heather has been nothing short of miraculous. I'm experiencing more peace than ever before." — Elizabeth

"I'm blown away to find that the asthma is just gone since my session with you. I've never had it reach that point without having to use an inhaler. I credit not only EFT for this clearing but also your uncanny talent at zeroing in on the right issues to face and the right way to phrase them." — Jaya

"I can't thank you enough for my session with you last night. It really helped me. You helped me see things in a whole new way. You also have a very kind, loving, and gentle approach which I really appreciate." — Patricia

“I know I wept during the session with you, but I don't remember crying about our dog’s death after that. I felt sadness, sure, but not hopeless and devastated. Thank you!” — Gina

"My daughter is a changed girl! She has been so happy and calm and very quick to settle down if she gets upset. She has also been smiling a lot! Thank you is all we can say even though it doesn't seem like enough." — Tamara

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