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Tapping Script for Healing the Pain of Losing Your Spouse



As with all of my tapping scripts, these statements can be used as is, or modified in any way that makes them resonate more fully with your experience. Some of them will fit for you, and some will not. Just use the ones that fit your experience and have an emotional charge.


You may notice that when you start tapping on these statements, thoughts and feelings will arise that you can then turn into new tapping statements, which will then give rise to still more thoughts and feelings, which you can use to create additional tapping statements, and so on.


I call this following the thread, and it’s a very efficient way to heal and release a lot of painful feelings in a short amount of time.


When doing EFT on your own, if you get stuck, aren't getting the results you want, or would simply like to have the support and guidance of an experienced professional, I recommend working with an EFT practitioner. If you decide that this is the best course of action for you, and you would like to work with me, click here to schedule an EFT session or free consultation.









My wife/husband/partner died, and I am overcome with grief.

I can’t believe my husband/wife/partner is gone.

We were supposed to grow old together, and now he/she is gone.

I will never get over this.

I just want to crawl into bed and never get out.

I can’t believe our children have to grow up without their dad/mom.

I’m so sad for our kids. They’re too young to lose their mom/dad.

I can’t believe I’ll never see my husband/wife/partner again.

I wish there was something I could have done to save my wife/husband/partner.

I should have tried harder to save my husband/wife/partner.

I'm angry at God for taking him/her away from us.

Our kids will have to grow up without their dad/mom, and that breaks my heart.

I would give anything to have my husband/wife/partner back.

I wish I could see my wife/husband/partner once last time.

There are so many things I wish I'd said to my husband/wife/partner before he/she died.

I miss my husband/wife/partner so much—the pain is unbearable.

I will never heal from this loss.

He/she won’t get to see our kids grow up, and that fills me with sorrow.

The holidays are really hard without my wife/husband/partner.

Just when I think I’m doing better, another wave of sadness hits me—I feel like I’ll be grieving forever.

It’s not fair that I lost my husband/wife/partner.

Why did God/Life/The Universe have to take him/her away from me? It just feels so cruel.

I feel like I’m going to wake up tomorrow and this will all be just a bad dream.

I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.

I am so sad and lonely without him/her—I feel like I can’t go on.

Telling our kids that they will never get to see their mom/dad again was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I know it sounds selfish, but I wish I could have been the one to go first.

I hate waking up in the morning without my husband/wife/partner.

I don’t know how to go on without him/her.


I will be grieving for the rest of my life.


When doing EFT on your own to heal the pain of losing your spouse, if you aren't able to completely heal it, so that when you think about your loss, it no longer causes you emotional pain or stress of any kind, I can help. Click here to learn more and schedule an EFT session or free consultation.



Heather Ambler is a California based EFT practitioner and mindset coach. Through her private practice and online programs, she’s helped over 14,000 people in 81 countries heal the pain of losing a loved one, recover from trauma, release fears, erase limiting beliefs, increase confidence, and achieve goals. To schedule an EFT session or free consultation, click here.

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