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Tapping Script for Painful Feelings and Beliefs

About Rejection

For a downloadable PDF of this script, click here.


I created this script to help you release pain and/or limiting beliefs you may have about rejection. Read through the statements on this script, and give each one a number between 0 and 10, which gauges the emotional intensity and/or stress you experience when you think about it.


It's very common for our minds to say one thing about a tapping statement or belief, and have our bodies say the opposite. With EFT, it's important to go with how you feel about a statement, not with what you think about it, because we're addressing your emotional truth, so that you can then heal it with tapping. 


You may notice that when you start tapping on these statements, thoughts and feelings will arise that you can use as new tapping statements, which will then give rise to still more thoughts and feelings, which you can use to create additional tapping statements, and so on. I call this following the thread, and it’s a very efficient way to heal and release a lot of painful feelings in a short amount of time.


I recommend tapping each statement down to 0 (or no higher than a 2) before moving on to another one. There is a lot of material here, so just do a few statements per tapping session, or no more than an hour of tapping per session. You can return to this script at any time to tap out the remaining statements that feel charged for you.




When someone rejects me, I feel like it’s my fault.


All of the rejection I’ve experienced in my life must mean there’s something wrong with me.


If I was lovable and worthy, people wouldn’t reject me.


Rejection makes me feel unlovable.


Being rejected makes me feel bad about myself.


When someone rejects me, it’s hard not knowing why they didn’t want me.


I wish there was something I could do to prevent getting rejected.


It’s my fault that _____________ didn’t want to be with me.


It’s my fault that I wasn’t selected for that job I wanted so much.


It’s my fault that ___________ didn’t want to be my friend.


If I was more attractive, _____________ would have wanted me.


If I was smarter _____________ would have wanted me.


If was ________________, I wouldn't get rejected so much.


The worst part of feeling rejected is the effect it has on my self-esteem.


It’s hard to feel good about myself when it seems like nobody wants me.


Growing up, I felt rejected by ___________________.


I try to be perfect so that people won’t reject me.


Getting rejected makes me feel really alone.


When ___________ rejected me, it really affected my confidence.


It hurts my feelings when others don’t seem to want me, whether it’s personally or professionally.


It’s hard not to take it personally when someone makes it clear they haven’t chosen me.


Sometimes I’d rather end a relationship than face the possibility of eventually being rejected.


Fear of rejection has stopped me from going after many things that I wanted in life.


Being rejected makes me feel like I’m not good enough.


I’d rather not try than risk getting rejected.


I wish I had the confidence to go after what I want without worrying about being rejected.


When I really think about it, experiences of feeling rejected from many years ago are still affecting me today.


I choose to release my painful feelings and beliefs about being rejected.

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