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Dozens of EFT Tapping Scripts for Healing the Issues That Are Holding You Back & Causing You to Suffer

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What You'll Get in

The Tapping Script Vault

  • Tapping Scripts for Healing the Pain of Losing a Loved One
  • Tapping Scripts for Healing Childhood Trauma
  • Tapping Scripts for Removing the Pain from Painful Memories
  • Tapping Scripts for Healing & Improving Relationships
  • Tapping Scripts for Releasing Fears
  • Tapping Scripts for Improving Self-Esteem & Increasing Confidence
  • Tapping Scripts for Erasing Limiting Beliefs
  • Tapping Scripts for Removing Inner Blocks to Achieving Goals
  • Tapping Scripts for Releasing Unwanted Habits
    & Patterns

  • Tapping Scripts for Stress Relief, Releasing Regrets, and More
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