Healing the Grieving Heart 

Bereavement Recovery Program

Because love is forever, but grief doesn't have to be.

Healing the Grieving Heart Is a Step-by-Step Bereavement Recovery Program

Here's what the 6-week program will do for you:

  • Heal feelings of sadness, longing, and despair  

  • Pinpoint and heal the pain of grief milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays

  • Uncover and heal painful feelings about what might have been had your loved one not passed away

  • Identify and release any feelings of guilt or regret you may have about the person you lost

  • Heal any unresolved anger or resentment you may have toward the person who passed away (these feelings often keep grief locked in place longer than it needs to be)

  • Release pain you may have over unresolved issues with the person who passed away (until this is attended to, this also tends to keep people stuck in an unresolved grief process)

“One issue I was able to heal instantly was grief about my sister who had passed away 4 years ago. I wasn't even aware how deeply I was still grieving my loss.”   — Daniela

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Hi, I'm Heather.

I designed Healing the Grieving Heart to identify and heal all of the many aspects of grief. This means that by the end of it, you'll feel deep peace and acceptance about the loss you've experienced. 

That's hard to imagine, I know. However, I've facilitated this process countless times over the past 11 years, and I assure you that it is not only possible, it can be accomplished very rapidly.

In my private practice and online programs, I’ve helped over thousands of people all over the world recover from the pain of losing a loved one, and I can do the same for you.

In just 6 weeks, I'll guide you through my proven process of identifying and healing the many aspects of grief so you can see for yourself what I mean when I say, "Love is forever, but grief doesn't have to be."

“I first contacted Heather to heal from my deep grief over the death of my mother. I was amazed at the result. She changed my life!”  — Tracy

How It Works

Here's what's included in the program:

6 Grief Recovery Assessments for uncovering and identifying the many different aspects of your grief.


6 private sessions with me, during which we'll continue to unpack and identify your feelings about the loss you've experienced, and then use the clinically proven healing technique called EFT tapping to heal them. 


6 weekly emails to support, inspire, and encourage you along the way. 

My money-back guarantee stating that you if, after completing the program, you don't feel you've received significant healing and freedom from the pain of loss, you're entitled to a full refund.  

Don’t let any more weeks, months, or years go by without healing the pain that is causing you to suffer and diminishing your quality of life. You deserve to heal. You deserve to thrive. And I'm here to help you make it happen. 

“Heather is a natural healer. We worked together around my mom's death, and she helped me to find and release painful feelings I had about the loss. She is a very caring, empathetic person.” — Dennis

Once You Enroll, Here's What Happens Next






You'll receive an enrollment confirmation via email.


You'll receive a welcome email, which will have the first Grief Recovery Assessment in it so you can get started right away.


You'll receive a client agreement to review, sign, and return to me.


Everyone starts the program on a Monday. You'll receive your first official program email on the Monday of the week you decide to begin (you can tell me what date that is by replying to your welcome e-mail).

In your first official program email will be links to that week's materials, including that week's Grief Recovery Assessment, and a link to a page where you can schedule your Healing the Grieving Heart private sessions.

Have questions? Send them to: support@heatherambler.com 

 “Thank you so much! I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I can now move forward!” — Karin






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For 3 Months

Most Flexible

Have questions? Send them to: support@heatherambler.com 

It's amazing that I can now talk about my brother's death without feeling that pang.” — Emily

FAQs About Healing the Grieving Heart

How long does each grief healing session with you last?

Each private session is a full, 60-minute hour.


What if I don’t want to completely recover from the loss I experienced, and just want some relief so I can function better?

That's totally fine. I'll tailor the program to you and your needs. As we identify and heal the various aspects of your grief, rather than going all the way to an emotional intensity level of 0 (which is completely healed), we can stop wherever you would like. Usually when emotional intensity numbers get to 5 and below, they feel much more manageable, and longer overwhelming or debilitating.

What if I don't remember the person I lost, but I'm still in pain about it? My dad/mom/sister/brother died when I was little, and I barely remember him/her, but I can tell it's affecting me anyway. Will the program still work for me?

Yes, it will still work for you. I've helped many clients recover from grief over parents and other loved ones who they don't remember (because they were so young when they died, and/or because they've repressed the memories to protect themselves from the pain of loss). My unique system for uncovering and identifying hidden aspects of grief, as well as buried memories, will enable me to give you the same powerfully healing results as someone who has access to all of their memories of their deceased loved one.


What if the person I lost passed away a long time ago? Will the process still work for me?

Yes, it will absolutely still work for you. The process works regardless of how long ago the loss occurred. Whether it was recently or decades ago, I can help you recover. 

What if one or more of the grief aspects that are mentioned in the program description don't apply to me? Will I still get my money’s worth?

Yes, you will still get all the benefits of the program. Though some of what's mentioned in the program description may not apply to you, the converse is also true: You most likely have aspects of grief which are not mentioned in the program description. The Grief Recovery Assessments, combined with our one-on-one work, will help us identify and heal those.


Are the results of Healing the Grieving Heart permanent?

Yes, the results are permanent. EFT tapping permanently heals the emotional wounds, fears, and beliefs created by grief and loss. Whatever we heal in our work together will be healed for good. 



How much of my time will I have to devote to the program?


What if I don’t believe that it’s possible to truly recover from the loss I’ve experienced? 


How do you go about helping people recover from loss? Answer: EFT

 The help you gave me in dealing with issues that I didn't even realize were holding me back was life-changing.” — Karen