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3 Powerful Ways to Use EFT Tapping to Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals is incredibly important for getting where you want to go in life. Once you've set goals, did you know that you can use EFT to help you achieve them?

This is one of my favorite things to use tapping for, and there are lots of ways to go about it. Here are a few of my most powerful techniques:


Write down your goal, then read it out loud to yourself while tapping through the points, repeating it once at each point. For example, "My goal is to make at least $15,000.00 a month" or, "My goal is to lose 15 pounds by March 1st."

Tap through the points at least two times.

Tapping on your goals in this way is effective for two reasons:

1) By focusing on the goal, it brings up, both consciously and unconsciously, whatever limiting belief and fears you may have about achieving the goal, and as they arise, you're tapping them out.


2) It keeps your goal fresh in your mind, which helps you to focus on it throughout each day.

Doing this daily will help you achieve your goal, and achieve it faster than you otherwise would. It's powerful!


“80% of success is psychology and 20% is mechanics.” — Marie Forleo



Write down your goal at the top of a page. Beneath that, write down three reasons why you believe or fear you won't be able to achieve it. For example:

My goal is to make at least $15,000.00 a month.

Reasons I won't be able to achieve this goal:

1) I'm not smart enough to make $15,000.00 a month.

2) I don't deserve to make $15,000.00 a month.

3) I don't know what to do to increase my income to $15,000.00 a month.

Then you tap out each "reason," until it's totally cleared, meaning that it no longer feels true at all, and you don't believe it anymore. If the reason is a fear, it's the same process. You just keep tapping on it until the fear is totally gone.

As you're tapping, be sure to follow the thread, so that you can identify and tap out related aspects of the inner block you're working to erase.

Following the thread simply means to notice whatever thoughts and feelings that arise as you're tapping out a particular statement, and tap them out, as well.

Because they're related to what you're tapping out, tapping on them too will help you release the whole issue, so that you'll truly be free from it.

For example, when tapping out a statement like, "I'm not smart enough to make $15,000.00 a month" you might notice thoughts like, "I never got good grades in school," or thoughts about deeper, potentially traumatic issues, like "When I was growing up, my older brother used to tell me I was stupid."

Tapping these additional ones out will help you fully release the limiting (and false) belief "I'm not smart enough to make $15,000.00 a month," because they're aspects of that same inner block.

Before you know it, you'll be making steady progress toward that goal, even if it previously seemed like an impossible dream. Shazam!


Write down your goal at the top of a page. Beneath that, write a paragraph or two about what you imagine it would be like for you to achieve this goal, and write it as though it has already happened.

For Example:

It's June 1st, and I have just achieved my goal of making $15,000.00 a month! Now that I've achieved this goal, I feel a lot less stress about money, I'm really proud of myself for achieving this, and I feel better about my future than I ever have before.

Because I've achieved this goal I set for myself, it's easier for me to pay my bills, as well as put money aside to save for things like emergencies, buying a house, and my dream vacation to Tahiti. Also, my confidence is higher than ever, and I feel really empowered to achieve more goals that I set for myself.

Then read what you've written out loud to yourself, tapping through the points as you go. This is an effective way to use tapping to achieve your goals because:

1) Similar to the first technique, it brings up fears and limiting beliefs about achieving the goal, which you are simultaneously tapping to release as they arise.

2) It inspires you with the positive vision you've created for you future, and a little inspiration goes a long way!

3) It keeps you focused on your goal, and why it will be so very beneficial for you to achieve it. Research has shown that these things in themselves help people to reach their objectives. Tapping turbo charges these effects!

I think you'll find that tapping your way through these three exercises will be nothing short of life-changing for you. You can make your dreams a reality, and tapping will help you you do it.


When doing EFT on your own, if you aren't able to completely heal the issue you're working on, so that when you think about it, it no longer causes any stress, emotional pain, anger, or fear, I can help. Click here to learn more and schedule an EFT session or free consultation.


Heather Ambler is a California based EFT practitioner and mindset coach. Through her private practice and online programs, she’s helped over 14,000 people in 81 countries heal the pain of losing a loved one, recover from trauma, release fears, erase limiting beliefs, increase confidence, and achieve goals. If you could use some help with any of these things, click here to learn more and schedule an EFT session or free consultation.

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