4 Tapping Tools for Bringing More Love into Your Life

Whether you're in a happy relationship, a not-so-happy relationship, single, divorced, or widowed, the tapping resources below will help you feel and experience more love. More love for others, more love for yourself, and dare I say it, more love from others. How? By healing wounds and releasing limiting beliefs you may have about love, as well as helping you to forgive anyone in your life that has hurt you. One of the natural by-products of this kind of tapping work is LOVE. Love flowing through you, to you, and from you. And that is a very good thing! TAPPING INTO LOVE

Tapping Script for Releasing Painful and Limiting Beliefs About Love I created this script to help you release any limiting and/or painful beliefs you may have about love. When we have beliefs like these about love, it can have many detrimental effects, including the following:​

  • Reduced fulfillment in relationships

  • Increased rate of conflict in relationships

  • Inability to trust others

  • Diminished self-esteem/negative self-image

  • Chronic loneliness (even when in a relationship)

When you use tapping to release limiting and painful beliefs about love, every relationship in your life will improve (including your relationship with yourself), because when you remove the cause of issues like the ones listed above, the effects automatically go with it. Presto!

Click here for the script.

How to Use EFT to Improve Any Relationship Let's face it, no relationship is perfect. Even the happiest, most harmonious relationships have their weak spots, and sometimes hit bumps in the road. That's why I came up with this simple exercise that you can use to improve any relationship in your life, whether it's with a partner, friend, family member, or colleague, and regardless of how good or not-so-good your relationship with that person may be.

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Tapping Script for Relationship Issues

Tapping out the statements on this script will release whatever anger, frustration, resentment and hurt feelings you may have forward your partner or another person in your life, leaving love, gratitude, and peace in their place.

Click here for the script.

The 5 Steps of Tapping to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You

Spontaneous forgiveness is such a reliable result of healing emotional wounds that I've come to use it as a litmus test in my private practice, in my online programs, and in my personal healing work. If the client I'm working with hasn't effortlessly forgiven the person who hurt them, it's a clear sign that we have more tapping work to do, and so I set out to find the hidden aspects of the issue that still need to be healed.

They're always there, and once I help my client to identify them, we can tap the rest of the way to that beautiful byproduct of a completed healing process: forgiveness. This article will show you how.

Click here to read the article.

If you'd like to experience more love in your life, I hope you'll give one or more of these tools a try. I think you'll be amazed by the results.


When doing EFT tapping on your own, if you aren't able to completely heal the issue you're working on, so that when you think about it, it no longer causes any stress, emotional pain, anger, or fear, I recommend working with a professional EFT practitioner. If you decide that this is the best course of action for you, click here to schedule a session or free consultation.


Heather Ambler is a San Francisco Bay Area EFT practitioner and mindset coach. Through her private practice and online programs, she’s helped over 10,000 people in 78 countries recover from loss, heal trauma, release fears, increase confidence, and achieve goals. To schedule a session or free consultation, click here.

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Client Testimonial

“It’s amazing that I can now talk about my brother’s death without feeling that pang.”  — Emily

Client Testimonial

“Today's EFT session was more impactful than any counseling I've ever had.”  — Connie

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