EFT for the Holiday Blues

For many people, the holidays can be a very difficult time. There are myriad reasons for this. For those who have lost a loved one, the holiday season can bring about a resurgence of grief during what would normally be a joyful time. For people who grew up in dysfunctional families, the time of year when many are turning toward family to celebrate special days can make them feel isolated and more aware than ever of their painful family circumstances.

For many others, the holidays are a mixed bag--lots of joy and fun combined with family stress, financial worries, and an overbooked schedule. And of course, lots of people come from cultures and traditions that don't celebrate any major holidays during what many people around the world think of as the holiday season, and yet they still have to put up with the annoyance of significant inconveniences such as lots of extra traffic, major crowds where they're just trying to run their errands, and holiday decorations and marketing everywhere they look. Whatever the reason is, if the thought of the approaching holidays brings you stress or pain of any kind, this tapping script is for you.


As with all of my tapping scripts, these statements can be used as is, or modified in any way that makes them resonate more fully with your experience. Some of them will fit for you, and some will not. Just use the ones that fit your experience and have an emotional charge.

You may notice that when you start tapping on these statements, thoughts and feelings will arise that you can then turn into new tapping statements, which will then give rise to still more thoughts and feelings, which you can use to create additional tapping statements, and so on. I call this following the thread, and it’s a very efficient way to heal and release a lot of painful feelings in a short amount of time.


When doing EFT/tapping on your own, if you get stuck, aren't getting the results you want, or would simply like to have the support and guidance of an experienced professional, I recommend working with an EFT practitioner.

If you decide that this is the best course of action for you, and would like to work with me, click here to schedule a session or free consultation. If you feel that another EFT practitioner would be a better fit for you, click here to access a directory of practitioners.

THE TAPPING STATEMENTS I always feel down at this time of year. I feel bad saying it, but I really hate this time of year. During the holidays, I really miss my _____________. I wish I could enjoy the holidays, but I really feel like I'm just trying to get through them. The holidays really bum me out because _______________________________. This time of year is really hard for me. I wish I could enjoy the holidays the way everyone around me seems to. Every year I dread the holidays. The hardest part about the holiday is having to spend them without ______________. Christmas/Passover/Ramadan/Name your holiday has been tough for me ever since I was a kid. Everywhere you look, it's Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, which is really hard for those of us who struggle during the holidays. The worst thing about the holidays is _________________. The hardest part about the month of December is ______________________. The holidays are really stressful for me because I don't have the money to buy gifts and decorations to make Christmas nice for my kid(s). Almost everything about Christmas costs money, and I just don't have any money to spend on Christmas, which makes me feel really sad and stressed-out. The holidays really stress me out. I wish I could enjoy Christmas, but it is just so stressful for me. I wish I could look forward to the holidays instead of dreading them. Every year I have to figure out where I'm going to get the money to pay for a Christmas tree and presents for my kids, and the pressure really stresses me out. I have no real family to speak of, which is hard enough throughout the rest of the year, but during the holidays, it really makes me feel alone. I used to love the holidays, but ever since my ___________ died, I just try to get through them without getting too depressed. All of the Christmas music playing everywhere really irritates me. If I hear Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer one more time, I'm going to scream. All of the Christmas decorations Christmas music playing everywhere forces Christmas on a lot of people who don't celebrate it, and it just doesn't seem right. I feel bad for being a grouch about it, but I really wish I could just go to sleep and not wake up until the holidays were over. Every public place being super saturated with Christmas really gets on my nerves. The holidays make me feel really lonely. The holidays are a really lonely time for me. My ___________ died at this time of year, and now that's really all I can think about when Christmas comes around. I really wish my ____________ was still here to celebrate the holidays with us. I dread the holidays since my __________ died. For those of us who are struggling to make ends meet, the holidays are a really tough time.


Heather Ambler is a San Francisco Bay Area EFT practitioner and mindset coach. Through her private practice and online programs, she's helped over 10,000 people from 78 countries recover from grief and trauma, overcome fears, release limiting beliefs, and achieve personal and professional goals. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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