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How to Use EFT Tapping to Achieve Your Business Goals

I had a great conversation with Dr. Cortney Baker on her podcast, Women in Business. We talked about how to achieve your goals by removing your inner obstacles to success, like fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and money blocks.

We covered a lot of ground, including what causes these blocks, how to identify them, and how to make sure they don't come back.

Give it a listen to learn:

  • How to determine the extent to which success blocks are holding you back in your business

  • Why the fear of success is just as common as the fear of failure

  • What kinds of experiences often cause money blocks

  • How to permanently release limiting beliefs that hold you back in your business

  • Powerful techniques for identifying success blocks you may have to specific goals

The truth is that to one degree or another, all entrepreneurs struggle with blocks like these, and most never overcome them. This results in them never achieving the level of success they're capable of, and never realizing their dreams of prosperity, freedom, and fulfillment.

Others are able to achieve varying levels of success, but can't quite seem to level up, due to a crisis of confidence, a fear of some kind, or a mysterious inner block that they just can't put their finger on. And so they remain stuck behind that block, unable to achieve the bigger and more exciting goals they've set for themselves.

That's the bad news. The good news is that with the right resources, any success block can be overcome.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams and realize your full potential. The only thing keeping you from both is inner blocks to success like fear, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt.

Listening to my interview with Cortney will give you powerful insights and resources for removing your success blocks so you can realize your dreams. Click here to listen now.


Heather Ambler is a San Francisco Bay Area mindset coach and EFT expert. Through her private practice and online programs, she's helped over 10,000 people from 78 countries achieve their goals by identifying and releasing the fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and money blocks that were holding them back. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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